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CWAC Sub-District Preview

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12 wrestlers will advance to the District meet in Wapato: 7 wrestlers from the South and 5 from the North. With Tonasket, Chelan and Cashmere joining the CWAC, this is the toughest 2A Conference in the State. 4 State Champions and 13 more top five state finishers return for another try this year. Ale DeLaPena of Ki-Be (125) and Martin Mitchell of Tonasket (119) are two time state champs. I have made my picks for the top four spots in the North and South. Some weightclasses are up for grabs while others will be dominated by a few, which is usually the case every year.
Weightclasses 275 to 145


The returning state wrestlers, Teeter, Owens and Guerrero, will have their hands full with some much improved wrestlers. One of those will be Saul Olascon who's claim to fame is that he finished ahead of 3A State Champ Michael Schweigel at the Sun Dome tournament. Olascon finished 3rd while Schweigel finished 5th. Wenatchee takedown tournament champ and John Segle Invite champ, John Gomez will give Teeter a battle for the North title. Justin Allen and Jack Herron have been having good years, and newcomer Zach Lefevre could do some damage if he gets on a roll.
Predicted     ; Predicted  
Placing South   ; Placing North
Champion Wilde Owens, TP   ; Champion Russ Teeter, QU
2nd Saul Olascon, OT   ; 2nd John Gomez, CS
3rd Jack Herron, WP   ; 3rd Mike Guerrero, EP
4th Zach Lefevre, KB   ; 4th Justin Allen, OM
Regular Season Matchups
Teeter 8-1 over Guerrero, 11-1 over Olascon
Gomez 9-3 over Guerrero, 8-2 over Herron
Owens pinned Herron, Lefevre
Olascon pinned Herron and Lefevre


Keep an eye on North: John Gomez, Wapato
South: Saul Olascon, Othello
Don't forget about North: Luke Spurgeon, Chelan
South: James Brown, East Valley



Jason Greene of Grandview is the only returning state wrestler from last year. He has recorded two 1 point wins over Bobby Canales and has been pinned by Doug Dearborn. Nathan Zuniga placed 6th at state as a freshman two years ago and could take the title in the South. The North battle should come down to Sam Allen, Ephrata and Larry Ebel, Cascade.
Predicted     ; Predicted  
Placing South   ; Placing North
Champion Nathan Zuniga, TP   ; Champion Sam Allen, EP
2nd Jason Greene, GV   ; 2nd Larry Ebel, CS
3rd Bobby Canales, KB   ; 3rd Jason Thompson, OM
4th Doug Dearborn, CN   ; 4th Spencer Blodgett, CS
Regular Season Matchups
Greene 3-2, 6-5 over Canales
Allen 4-2 over Ebel
Canales pinned Dearborn
Dearborn pinned Greene
Ebel 13-2 over Thompson
Zuniga pinned Thompson, 9-7 over Greene


Keep an eye on
North: Larry Ebel, Cascade
South: Doug Dearborn, Connell
Don't forget about North: Buck Gilmore, Quincy
South: Cody Roos, Ki-Be



The South will be a battle between Joey Isley of Ki-Be and Johnny Martinez of Othello. These two took turns beating each other last year. State vet James Cain of Cashmere will face a good group of state hopefuls in Lisenbey, Kurnutt and Price. Watch for Ryan Evers and Shane Patterson to make their presence felt also.
Predicted     ; Predicted  
Placing South   ; Placing North
Champion Joey Isley, KB   ; Champion James Cain, CM
2nd Johnny Martinez, OT   ; 2nd Nathan Price, EP
3rd James Peter, WP   ; 3rd Greg Curnutt, QU
4th Josh Grier, KB   ; 4th Jesse Lisenbey, OM
Regular Season Matchups
Cain defeated Lisenbey
Martinez pinned Grier
Price 5-4 over Kurnutt
Isley 6-2 over Peter
Kurnutt 8-7 over Martinez


Keep an eye on
North: Nathan Price, Ephrata
South: Shane Patterson, Toppenish
Don't forget about North: Bert Stalder, Tonasket
South: Ryan Evers, East Valley



Reichert of Othello and McCullough of Chelan are looking to go along way in the post-season. Josh Brewer of Ephrata and possibly teamate Josh Bates could make things rough for Reichert and McCullough. Mejia and Critchlow will be trying to make the most of their last chance at a trip to state. Look for both of them to wrestle with determination.
Predicted     ; Predicted  
Placing South   ; Placing North
Champion Lance Reichert, OT   ; Champion Jerry McCullough, CH
2nd Angel Mejia, KB   ; 2nd Josh Brewer, EP
3rd Tyler Critchlow, EV   ; 3rd Josh Bates, EP
4th T.J.Gilmore, QU   ; 4th Waylon Blackstad, TO
Regular Season Matchups
Reichert defeated Blackstad
Brewer 9-1 over Blackstad
Critchlow 6-4 over Mejia


Keep an eye on
North: Josh Brewer, Ephrata
South: Jason Goodrich, Connell
Don't forget about North: Paul Hargrove, Cascade
South: Kevin Luke, Wapato


Tuck of Connell, Yedinak of Ephrata and Bacon of Chelan are the leaders of this weight class. Look for Yedinak and Bacon to put on a good show in the North. Chad Tuck of Connell finished 9th at state last year and has shown much improvement this year. Tuck could finish in the top 6 this year.
Predicted     ; Predicted  
Placing South   ; Placing North
Champion Chad Tuck, CN   ; Champion Mike Yedinak, EP
2nd Matt Risenmay, OT   ; 2nd Adam Bacon, CH
3rd Kanim James, WP   ; 3rd Nate Hendricks, CM
4th Tony Paredes, TP   ; 4th Randy Barr, OM
Regular Season Matchups
Tuck 12-2 over James
Bacon 7-2 over Hendricks
Risenmay 6-4 over James
Yedinak defeated Bacon


Keep an eye on
North: Ryan Barr, Omak
South: Chad Tuck, Connell
Don't forget about North: Andy May, Tonasket
South: Josh Corriel, Ki-Be


Claudio Garza and Tony Call should dominate their respective divisions. However, Brady Gariano of Omak could make things interesting in the North. Gariano has shown some potential this year and wrestled tough against call losing 7-0. Brian Freeman of Connell has improved during the year and lost only 9-4 to Garza.
Predicted     ; Predicted  
Placing South   ; Placing North
Champion Claudio Garza, EV   ; Champion Tony Call, TO
2nd Chris Garza, WP   ; 2nd John Roehling, EP
3rd Andy Stiles, NC   ; 3rd Clinton Kooistra, QU
4th Brian Freeman, CN   ; 4th Brady Gariano, OM
Regular Season Matchups
Call 7-0 over Gariano, 10-0 over Chris Garza, pinned Roehling
Kooistra 2-1 over Chris Garza
Chris Garza 8-3 over Freeman
Roehling defeated Freeman
Claudio Garza 9-4 over Freeman


Keep an eye on
North: Brady Gariano, Omak
South: Andy Stiles, Naches
Don't forget about North: Daniel Lemonidis, Chelan
South: Ralph Villanueva, Toppenish



Andy Logozzo is the top man in the South but should get a good challenge from Jimmy Orozco of Connell. State Champ Andy Newton should have no trouble in the North. After Logozzo and Orozco in the South and Newton in the North, this weightclass is wide open.
Predicted     ; Predicted  
Placing South   ; Placing North
Champion Andy Logozzo, GV   ; Champion Andy Newton, CH
2nd Jimmy Orozco, CN   ; 2nd Cole Webley, QU
3rd Tim Valdez, OT   ; 3rd Johnny Burns, CM
4th Joe Snyder, NC   ; 4th Adam Davis, EP
Regular Season Matchups
Newton pinned Davis, defeated Burns
Logozzo 12-1 over Valdez
Orozco 12-1 over Snyder
Valdez pinned Snyder


Keep an eye on
North: Adam Davis, Ephrata
South: Jimmy Orozco, Connell
Don't forget about North: Juan Quintero, Quincy
South: Andre Gray, Connell