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1999-2000 CWAC Home

CWAC Sub-District Results


South Team Scores -- Othello 334, Connell 265, East Valley 228.5, Ki-Be 217, Wapato 198.5, Grandview 139, Toppenish 103, Naches 94, Goldendale 65
North Team Scores -- Ephrata 316, Quincy 254, Tonasket 203.5, Cashmere 179.5, Chelan 150, Cascade 140, Omak 133.5


South -- Owens dominated the competition and finished off the night with a 14 second pin over Olascon. The real surprise here was the performance of Michael Zuniga of Toppenish. Zuniga lost a hard fought match in the semi's to Olascon or else he would have challenged Owens in the final. Zuniga gets the most improved wrestler award at 275.

North -- Teeter won the title with a couple of second period pins, the last against Justin Allen of Omak. An interesting note here is that the CWAC has a Sergio Avila in the heaviest weight and in the lightest weight.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Wilde Owens, TP 5   Russ Teeter, QU 1
2nd Saul Olascon, OT 4   Justin Allen, OM 6
3rd Michael Zuniga, TP NR   Mike Guerrero, EP 3
4th Jack Herron, WP 7   Cody Bucholtz, OM NR
5th Zach Lefevre, KB 8   Sergio Avila, CS NR
6th James Brown, EV 10  
7th Saul Portillo, CN NR  


South -- Nathan Zuniga and Jason Greene squared off in a grudge match in the finals. Zuniga had swept through his competition while Greene was squeeking by his. The final was also a squeeker as Zuniga held off Greene in the final seconds for a 3-2 victory. Bobby Canales narrowly missed the finals with a close loss to Greene in the semi's.

North -- John Gomez took honors at 215 with a pin over Sam Allen of Ephrata

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Nathan Zuniga, TP 1   John Gomez, CS 2(275)
2nd Jason Greene, GV 2   Sam Allen, EP 5
3rd Bobby Canales, KB 3   Larry Ebel, CS 6
4th Jesus Gonzalez, WP 7   Jason Thompson, OM 8
5th Doug Dearborn, CN 4   Buck Gilmore, QU NR
6th Adrian Lepe, EV NR  
7th Cody Roos, KB NR  


South -- Joey Isley avenged a district loss to Martinez last year that kept him out of the finals. Isley and Martinez wrestled cautiously until Isley got a takedown and backpoints on a nearside cradle. Isley hang on the rest of the match for an 8-2 win. James Peter of Wapato was knocked out of further post-season action with an ankle injury against Isley in the semi's.

North -- Nathan Price of Ephrata pulled an upset defeating #1 seed James Cain of Cashmere 5-2.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Joey Isley, KB 2   Nathan Price, EP 6
2nd Johnny Martinez, OT 4   James Cain, CM 1
3rd Ryan Evers, EV 8   Greg Curnutt, QU 3
4th Matt Langley, WP NR   Jesse Lisenbey, OM 5
5th Luis Escamilla, EV NR   Rene DeLamora, CH NR
6th James Peter (injury default) 7  
7th Josh Grier, KB 10  



South -- Lance Reichert looks like he is ready for state as he mowed down the competition with 3 pins in route to the 171 title. Mejia and Critchlow put on a good show in the semi's with Critchlow pulling out yet another close match between the two.

North -- A matchup of teamates and state vets produced a tight match for the 171 title. Josh Brewer of Ephrata defeated Josh Bates 2-1. Brewer went 0-2 at state last year as Bates finished 6th.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Lance Reichert, OT 1   Josh Brewer, EP 3
2nd Tyler Critchlow, EV 5   Josh Bates, EP 4
3rd Angel Mejia, KB 6   Waylon Blackstad, TO 7
4th Josh Moreno, OT 9   Paul Hargrove, CS NR
5th Jason Goodrich, CN 10   Clint Webley, QU NR
6th Kevin Luke, WP NR  
7th Efren Monroy, CN NR  



South -- Tuck recorded three pins and made it look easy against the 160 competition. Josh Corriel and Denis Carlson took their 5th place match into overtime with Corriel getting a double leg takedown at the whistle.

North -- Mike Yedinak defeated Adam Bacon for at least the second time this year as he won the 160 title. The final score was 9-7. Yedinak went 1-2 at state last year, while Bacon took 3rd in 1A/B.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Chad Tuck, CN 1   Mike Yedinak, EP 2
2nd Matt Risenmay, OT 4   Adam Bacon, CH 3
3rd Kanim James, WP 5   Nate Hendricks, CM 7
4th Jamie Sehorn, EV 10   ?  
5th Josh Corriel, KB 9   ?  
6th Dennis Carlson, NC NR  
7th Eugene Jones, EV NR  


South -- Claudio Garza had a tough match with Chris Garza in the finals. Chris Garza led thoughout most of the match before Claudio tied it up at 4 late in the third. Claudio and Chris scrambled early in the OT period with Claudio coming out on top for the takedown and the title.

North -- Tony Call dominated the competition and recorded a pin of John Roehling for the championship. Call will be a tough guy to beat next weekend.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Claudio Garza, EV 2   Tony Call, TO 1
2nd Chris Garza, WP 5   John Roehling, EP 6
3rd Brian Freeman, CN 7   Clinton Kooistra, QU 3
4th Ruben Avalos, GV 8   Brady Gariano, OM 9
5th Ben Mohs, OT NR   Jose Lemus, CH 4
6th Andy Stiles, NC 10  
7th Ashley Turner, GD NR  


South -- Logozzo and DeLaPena each collected 2 pins heading into the finals. Things started slow in the finals until Logozzo took charge of things and got the title on his third pin.

North -- Andy Newton is well on his way to defending his state title of last year. Johnny Burns was a 7-2 victim in the championship match. Cole Webley of Quincy defeated Adam Davis of Ephrata 6-4 for third.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Andy Logozzo, GV 2   Andy Newton, CH 1
2nd Jesse DeLaPena, KB 3   Johnny Burns, CM 7
3rd Joe Snyder, NC 5   Cole Webley, QU 3
4th Andre Gray, CN 8   Adam Davis, EP 6
5th Jon Schlegel, GD NR   Miguel Palomores, TO NR
6th Matt Smith, EV NR  
7th Joe Rosencranz, NC NR  


South -- Hutchinson and Jensen wrestled to a standstill in the finals with Hutchinson pulling out a very narrow 4-3 victory. Freshman Juventino Orozco showed that he is a star of the future with a good 3rd place finish.

North -- Gilbert Escobedo showed that his defeat of Eli Super earlier in the year was no fluke. Escobedo once again won a championship over Super with a 4-3 decision. This could be the Regional championship matchup as well.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Kyle Hutchinson, GV 2   Gilbert Escobedo, CS 4
2nd Ben Jensen, OT 5   Eli Super, TO 1
3rd Juventino Orozco, CN 9   Travis Wienke, OM 7
4th Tim Valdez, OT 4   Josh Hargrove, CH NR
5th Kyle Hopkins, EV 6   Juan Quintero, QU NR
6th Cody Ransier, EV 10 (135)  
7th Anthony Munoz, TP NR  


South -- Any thoughts that Josh Thompson had of having an easy trip to state ended with his bout with Villarreal. A two point stalling call against Thompson sent the match into overtime at 9-9. Thompson muscled a double leg takedown for the win, but Villarreal gained some respect from Thompson. Justin Larson wrestled well for Othello and hung on to beat a surging Guadalupe Montes of Connell, 12-10 in the third place match.

North -- Ben Dronen of Cashmere upset teamate Russ Chipman 9-8 in the title match.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Josh Thompson, EV 1   Ben Dronen, CM NR
2nd Danny Villarreal, OT 2   Russ Chipman, CM 4 (125)
3rd Justin Larson, OT 9   Cesar Avila, CS 9 (130)
4th Guadalupe Montes, CN 4   Nathan Jensen, EP 6
5th Josh Corke, KB 5   Chris Pauly, CH 3
6th Jose Magana, CN NR  
7th Brandon Wagner, NC NR  


South -- My pick for the CWAC wrestler of the week has to go to Antonio Avalos for his stunning upset of Camilo Mendez. Not only did Antonio defeat Mendez but he looked down right dominating. He had Mendez on his back three different times during the match and never allowed Camilo to get going. Antonio looks like he could do very well at state this year, but a rematch with Mendez will happen sooner or later, and that will be some match!

North -- Juan Rodriguez pulled off an equally big upset in the north as he defeated 3rd place state wrestler Ben Hargrove. 130 is the toughest weightclass in the CWAC and it just got tougher.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Antonio Avalos, GV 6   Juan Rodriguez, QU 4
2nd Camilo Mendez, CN 2   Ben Hargrove, CM 1
3rd Jeremai Hafer, OT 5   Jeremy McGuffin, CH 3
4th Teddy Herrera, WP 7   Brandon Cravin, EP NR
5th Seth Sligar, OT 10   Nicolas Clifton, QU NR
6th Andy Wilson, NC NR  
7th Jay Freeze, NC NR  


South -- Ale DeLaPena collected 3 pins on his way to his 4th consecutive district/sub-district title. His closest match came against Mike Froehlich who did a pretty good job of fighting off Ale's shots and even took some shots himself before Ale ended the match with a pin. Casey McCourtie was a surprise finishing third.

North -- Troy Stephens also collected three pins in winning the title in the North. The regional final should be between Stephens and DeLaPena. Stephens will give Ale his toughest challenge before state. This will be a match worth watching, though not the caliber of DeLaPena-Cerna. What happened to Steve Holbrook???

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Ale DeLaPena, KB 1   Troy Stephens, QU 2
2nd Julien Mendez, CN 5   Matt Owens, EP 9
3rd Casey McCourtie, OT 10   Patrick Mitchell, TO 8
4th Mike Froehlich, GD 7   Curtis Shiles, OM NR
5th Chris Lee, CN 6   Guy Sines, CS NR
6th Nathan Gilbert, OT NR  
7th Michael Smith, EV NR  


South -- Rudy Garza dominated the competition at 119 and scored a tech fall against Raul Zambrano in the finals. Bryan Carraway wrestled a tough tournament, winning 4 straight matches to take third after a 2nd round loss to Garza.

North -- Martin Mitchell is well on his way to a third state title as he defeated Chris Branch 13-4 for the 125 district title. Mitchell is 29-1 on the year.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Rudy Garza, OT 2   Martin Mitchell, TO 1
2nd Raul Zambrano, WP 5   Chris Branch, OM 8
3rd Bryan Carraway, GD 6   Jeremy Hauck, CM 3
4th Miguel Garcia, EV 4   Micah Heatwole, EP 10
5th Mike Nielson, CN 3(112)   Scott Ouradnik, EP NR
6th Jason Garza, WP NR  
7th Tommy Vasquez, TP 7  


South -- Ramon Ortiz blew open a close championship match versus Schutte with a throw for some nearfall points and finished off Schutte with a pin. Schutte had been leading the match 3-2. Adam Logozzo looks like he is going to be a a star wrestler for the next few years.

North -- Jesus Sandoval defeated Matt Dillin 7-5 to win the championship at 112.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Ramon Ortiz, CN 1   Jesus Sandoval, CS 7
2nd Mark Schutte, OT 2   Matt Dillin, EP 8
3rd Jason Giles, OT 5   Josh Granberg, TO NR
4th Adam Logozzo, GV 9   Miguel Quintinalla, QU NR
5th Richie Herrera, WP 4   Bryan Race, CH NR
6th Chris Buckalew, EV 9 (119)  
7th John Wilson, EV NR  


South -- Richie Zuniga caught a bad break at the worst possible time. He did not make weight and forfeited his chance to compete for a state title this year. However, one wrestlers bad luck is another wrestlers good fortune, and Sergio Avila appeared unbeatable in as he won his first district/sub-district title.

North -- Brad Zabreznik becomes the guy to beat in the absence of Richie Zuniga. Jon Limbeck has wrestled extremely tough against Zabreznik twice this year. Regionals will be a toss up between these two and Sergio Avila.

  South CWAC Rank   North CWAC Rank
1st Sergio Avila, KB 4   Brad Zabreznik, TO 2
2nd Melchor Imperial, WP 5   Jon Limbeck, CM 3
3rd Matt Clouse, OT 6   Daryl Stephens, QU NR
4th Brad Prather, CN 7   Garrett Dart, CM NR
5th Jose Mendez, CN 9   Mark Sieverkropp, EP NR
6th Angel Gonzalez, TP NR  
7th Romi Gonzalez, GV 10