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Ki-Be vs Grandview

  Kiona-Benton Bears     Grandview Greyhounds
  43     28
103 Sergio Avila WBD 8-0   Romi Gonzalez
112 Barry Leavitt WBD 12-10 (OT)   Ismael Fajardo
125 David Vongalath   WBF 3:53 Adam Logozzo
125 Ale DeLaPena WBF 1:28   Maurisio Saldana
130 Matt Walsh   WBD 11-0 Antonio Avalos
135 Josh Corke WBF 3:59   Ramon Torres
140 Jesse DeLaPena   WBD 7-0 Kyle Hutchinson
145 Mark McCullough   WBF 0:17 Andy Logozzo
152 Kyle Nickerson   WBF 0:46 Ruben Avalos
160 Josh Corriel WBF 0:55   Leo Pacheco
171 Angel Mejia WBF 3:02   Martin Alaniz
189 Joey Isley WBF 3:28   Josh Childress
215 Bobby Canales   WBD 6-5 Jason Greene
275 Zach Lefevre WBF 1:29   Gerardo Fajardo
JV Results
171 Adam Robertson LBF to Gonzalo Galindo
171 Josh Grier WBF over Carlos Acevedo

112 - Match of the night went to Barry Leavitt against Ismael Fajardo. Fajardo got the first takedown followed by an escape and takedown by Leavitt. Fajardo finished the first period with and escape and a 3-3 tie. Leavitt recorded two takedowns in the second and held an 8-5 lead after two. Fajardo chipped away at the lead in the third and made it 8-6 when Leavitt locked hands, and then 8-7 with an escape. Fajardo kept the pressure on Leavitt through the third before an errant shot gave Leavitt a shuck takedown and a 10-7 lead. An immediate escape by Fajardo gave him another chance with just seconds left in the round. He made it pay off with a double leg takedown with 12 seconds left in regulation and a 10-10 tie. Barry wasted no time in the overtime going for the double leg at the whistle and getting it for a hard fought 12-10 win. Barry was the team leader in takedowns for the night with 5.

189 - Joey Isley performed some acrobatic moves in his match with Josh Childress. After getting the takedown on a duck behind, Joey proceeded to lift Childress up and pull him backwards by locking his hands around Childress' arm and head, and at the same time putting in a leg ride. This netted Joey 3 points and gave him a 5-0 lead. Joey performed this same move three more times, turning it into a saturday night special for the pin on the last one.

103 - Sergio actually had Gonzalez pinned twice in his match, but the ref was looking on the wrong side and missed the call. Gonzalez stalled out the final 2 minutes of this match.

119 - Vongalath started his match with Adam Logozzo with a nice ankle pick for the opening takedown and nearly got a few more before Logozzo to control and pinned him late in the second.

135 - Josh Corke got an early scare against Torres. Corke was surprised by Torres' quickeness early as Torres took him down to his back, but Josh rolled through unharmed and only a 2-0 deficit. Josh quickly reversed Torres and took control of the match. Josh started down in the second and hand fought for the first minute before getting the right hold and reversing Torres again, catching him in a nearside cradle for the fall as the buzzer sounded in the second period.

140 - Jesse and Kyle wrestled cautiously for the first period before Hutchinson took a 3-0 lead on an escape and takedown in the second. A nearfall with 5 seconds left in the 2nd sealed it for Hutchinson.

160 - Josh Corriel got back on the winning track as he muscled a double leg on Pacheco and then used more muscle to pull Pacheco onto his back for a 55 second pin.

215 - Jason Greene scored first on Canales and kept Bobby coming from behind the whole match. The difference in the match was 1 takedown for Bobby and 2 for Greene. Bobby had a chance at the win as both wrestlers were on their feet for the final 30 seconds, but despite the encouragement of the coaches and fans, Bobby couldn't solve Greene for the winning takedown.

Dominant performances were turned in by Ale, Zach and Angel all collecting pins. Zach used an arm bar to a half, Angel used a cradle and Ale used a bear hug throw.

The total damage was:

  Ki-Be Grandview
Takedowns 13 13
Nearfalls 2 2
Reverses 2 1
Escapes 5 10
Pins 6 3
Wins 8 6

Other notes:

The Bears are now 5-0-1 against Grandview in the last six duals.

Ale has won 14 straight matches, longest current streak. Also leads team with 12 pins.

Canales has lost twice to Greene this year 3-2 and 6-5. Just wait until sub-district.




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