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Bears Results from Ki-Be Invite



Sergio Avila - 103 (Champion)
Ian Tindell Unattached WBF 0:42
Andy Ashworth Hanford WBF 3:34 Click here for picture
In a repeat of last years 101 final, Sergio was in total control of
Ashworth. Sergio started with a single leg takedown and rode Ashworth
tough, picking up 3 nearfall points to lead 5-0 after 1 round. Sergio quickly
reversed Ashworth to start the second and pinned him with a nearside cradle
with 26 seconds left in the 2nd round.


Barry Leavitt - 112 (4th)
Chico Gonzales Hanford LBF 1:59
Andy Ferguson Unattached WBD 13-3
Todd Hatch Hoquiam LBF 1:34 Click here for picture
Barry picked up his first win of the year over Ferguson with a major decision
picking up 6 points to help the team..


David Vongalath - 119
Joey Edwards Hanford LBF 3:37
James Miller Liberty LBF 3:34 Click here for picture
Vongalath wrestled tough, but came up on the short end of a couple of pins.


Ale DeLaPena - 125 (Champion)
Jeff Serell Unattached WBF 2:36
Doyle Kassinger Riverside WBF 1:26
Scott Szendre Hanford WBD 16-7 Click here for picture
Ale kept his win streak intact at 76 and won his second consecutive invite
championship. Ale scored 8 takedowns and Szendre got 7 escapes. Near
the end of the championship match Ale was head butted and received a nice
bump below his left eye. Ale helped the team cause by recording pins in his
first two matches.


Josh Corke - 130 (2nd)
James Dutro Hanford WBD 2-0
Jeremy Miller Lake Roosevelt WBD 8-0 Click here for picture
Adam Calica Hoquiam LBD 11-8
Josh looks like a state champ in the making. Corke wrestles with an aggressivness
that you just can't coach. After a 2-0 win in the first round Corke wrestled a great
match against the #2 seed Miller, getting the shutout in a much closer match than 8-0
indicates. In the championship match used reversals, takedowns to keep the match
close and nearly took Calica to his back near the end of the match. Corke should be
someone to watch by the end of the season.


Ramon DelAngel - 135 (Champion)
Joe Wilson Goldendale WBF 3:39
Adam Fox Riverside WBF 3:33
Roy Calica Hoquiam WBF 3:59 Click here for picture
Ramon had everyone's dream tournament. Three matches, three pins and tournament
champion. Ramon got the first takedown in the championship match but Calica came
back for a 4-2 lead after 1 round. Ramon came out strong in the second, scoring an
escape and takedown for a 5-4 lead. Ramon kept the pressure on Calica and pinned
him with just 1 second remaining in the 2nd round.


Andrew Wight - 135
Adam Fox Riverside LBF 3:32
Joe Wilson Goldendale WBF 2:53 Click here for picture
Brian Siekawitch Hanford LBD 15-5
Andrew Wight collected a pin for the Bandits, a team name given to the wrestlers who
wrestled unattached.


Matt Walsh - 140 (4th)
Brandon Tobin Goldendale WBF 1:01
Brian Hood Lake Roosevelt LBF 2:22
Jacob Becher Hanford WBF 3:21 Click here for picture
Pat Farmer Hoquiam LBD 4-0
Matt wrestled a great tournament. He wrestled tough in his third place match
with state veteran Pat Farmer. Walsh didn't show much movement in the match
but he did keep it close and never got turned. Matt picked up 11 crucial team points.


Chris Browning - 140
Adam Morris Lake Roosevelt LBF 0:52
Jacob Becher Hanford LBD 18-11 Click here for picture
Chris wrestled for the Bandits and had an enjoyable match to watch against Becher.
There was plenty of scoring and near scoring, near takedowns, near pins on both


Jesse DeLaPena - 145 (2nd)
Kyle Arnold Unattached WBF 1:55
Antony Avery Hanford WBD 16-8
Casey Bullen Riverside LBD 18-5 Click here for picture
Jesse used his double leg to dominate Antony Avery in his 2nd round match.
Jesse's double leg looks a lot like Joey Reid's from last year. It took Reid to
3rd in the state, so Jesse is on the right track. Bullen outmuscled Jesse in the
championship match. Bullen was out front 11-1 after 1 round. Bullen looks
like a state competitor. Jesse may get another chance at Bullen at state.


Mark McCullough - 152
Mike Neuenschwander Unattached LBF 3:45 Click here for picture
Stephen Shelestovky Unattached (Ki-Be) WBF 2:03
Shane Anderson Hanford LBF 2:02
McCullough got of to a bad start. After leading in his first match 11-1, he ended
out getting pinned. He then beat Shelestovky, who was wrestling for the Renegades.


Stephen Shelestovky - 152
Beau Brown Lake Roosevelt LBF 0:38
Mark McCullough Ki-Be LBF 2:03
Shelestovky wrestled for the Renegades, the other team of unattached wrestlers.


Kyle Nickerson - 160
Nathan Johnson Riverside WBD 12-11
Shane Innes Lake Roosevelt LBF 0:45
Mike Pease Hanford LBF 0:21
Nickerson got off to a good start with a hard fought 12-11 victory over Johnson.
Kyle has shown some good improvement since last year.


Angel Mejia - 171 (2nd)
Matt Roberts Hanford WBF 2:16
Brandon Hoyng Lake Roosevelt WBF 4:40
Randy Dempsey Burbank LBD 3-2 Click here for picture
Randy Dempsey got the first takedown in the championship match,
Mejia came back with a reverse, and Dempsey got an escape. That
was the scoring for 5:40 seconds of the match. Dempsey rode Mejia
the entire 2nd round and Mejia held Dempsey down until 20 seconds
remained when Dempsey got a reverse.


Joey Isley - 189 (4th)
Leon Desautel Unattached WBF3:36
Chris Thoreson Liberty LBF 1:24
Will Edsall Lake Roosevelt WBF 3:28 Click here for picture
Jason Niebuhr Unattched(Ki-Be) LBforfiet  
Joey hurt his shoulder wrestling Thoreson. After getting an early takedown
on Thoreson. Joey gave up an escape and takedown before Thorsen
slammed Isley to the mat on a legal move. Isley didn't recover in the match
and was pinned shortly thereafter by Thoreson. Isley pinned his next opponent
but decided against further damaging his shoulder and gave Niebuhr third without
a challenge.


Jason Niebuhr - 189 (3rd)
Chris Thoreson Liberty LBF 0:17
Leon Desautel unattached WBD 9-7
Ricky Sauer Hoquiam WBD 6-4 Click here for picture
Joey Isley Ki-Be WBforfiet  
Jason had a good day of wrestling. After getting pinned by Thoreson, Jason won
two hard fought matches. The third place match was much easier as Isley had
an injured shoulder and could not wrestle. A third place finish was a nice reward
for Niebuhr. Jason wrestled for the Bandits.


Bobby Canales - 215 (2nd)
Charlie Reichert Liberty WBF 1:24
Dustin Busse Riverside WBD 6-4
Ross Norton Hoquiam LBD 6-2 Click here for picture
Canales nearly got disqualified from the championship match for taking a few,
open handed swings at Norton. When tempers calmed down, Norton took control
of the match after Bobby missed a head and arm. Canales was then docked a point
for slapping Norton on the head gear. In his second round match Bobby came back from
a 4-3 deficit by escaping to tie up the score at the end of regulation and working a takedown
in overtime.


Cody Roos - 215
Ross Norton Hoquiam LBF 1:08
Rory McGrath Hanford LBF 1:41 Click here for picture
Cody wrestled for te Bandits.


Zach Lefevre - 275
Anthony Glasser Hoquiam WBF 0:58
Joe Sloan Burbank LBF 4:38
Forest Lindh Lake Roosevelt LBF 3:51 Click here for picture
Zach started quick with a pin in his first round match, but ran into trouble
with state veteran Joe Sloan of Burbank. In his consolation match, Zach
wrestled well against Lindh in a close match before getting pinned.



Kevin Hunter - 275
Michael Schwegel Hanford LBF 0:40
Forest Lindh Lake Roosevelt LBF 0:58 Click here for picture
Kevin wrestled for the Bandits.
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