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Ki-Be Bears Sub-District Preview


103 - Sergio has some work cut out for him this post-season. Richie Zuniga is the guy to beat after winning Tri-State earlier this year. Sergio lost a hard fought 4-1 decision to Zuniga during the season. Jon Limbeck of Cashmere has given Sergio two good matches this year. Sergio beat Limbeck in their first meeting for the Cascade Tournament title. Later at the Royal Tourney, Limbeck returned the favor in the semifinals. Returning state champ Brad Zabreznik will make the road even harder for Sergio, unless Zabreznik wrestles at 112 as he has recently. Sergio has a knack of rising to the occasion in the post-season and will fight every minute of every match. A sub-district championship is not out of the question.
112 - Leavitt will gain some important experience at the tournament and, with 7 wrestlers moving on to district, he could sneak through to the District meet.
119 - Vongalath has started quicky in his last few matches with early takedowns. He will need to do that again and keep the pressure on for 6 minutes if he wants to move on to districts.
125 - Ale starts the quest for his third state title. Ale could also become the first 4 time District(sub-district) champion in Ki-Be history. The real challenge for Ale will probably not occur until the State Tournament. The only question is will he win with tech falls or pins. Julien Mendez will be Ale's main competition next weekend. Ale is just one win away from the Ki-Be career record of 124 held by Travis Knutson.
130 - Matt Walsh will be making his last appearance of the post-season and he will be looking to make it a memorable one. With the number of top wrestlers at 130, Matt will have to wrestle spectacular in order to move on. With a few breaks, Matt could make it into the top 7 and move onto districts.
135 - A late season move up to 135 from 130 has given Josh Corke a much better chance of moving on in the post-season. The competition is still strong at 135 but not as overpowering as the competition at 130. A trip to state would give Corke much needed experience and a taste of success. Corke will need to continue his aggressive ways to advance. Andrew Wight also has a chance of moving on to district, but must wrestle mistake free.
140 - Jesse DeLaPena knows what it takes to get to state. He has a long day ahead of him at sub-districts, but he has shown the ability to raise his wrestling to another level in the post-sesason. He will need to do that again this year as their will be some strong wrestlers who also want a trip to state. Kyle Hutchinson and Eli Super are the wrestler to beat in the South and the North. Jesse has wrestled both of them and knows what to expect.
145 - More experience for another young wrestler is what to expect here. Mark McCullough has had a rough year going up against some very good competition. Again, with 7 wrestlers moving on to district, anything is possible. A trip to district would be a nice prize for McCullough.
152 - Kyle Nickerson and Rich Flores will try to keep their seasons alive. 152 is not the strongest weightclass, but they will both have to pick it up a notch to continue on in the season.
160 - Josh Corriel has a lot of potential as a freshman and has a great future with the Bears. He should make it on to districts. To make it to state, he will have to step up and beat someone who beat him this year. Corriel has gained valuable experience against his opponents and will need to use that to continue on to state.
171 - This will be the last shot at state for Angel Mejia. A trip to state is the perfect ending to his career. Acutally a state championship would be a perfect ending to his career, but first things first. Angel will most likely need to get by Critchlow of East Valley to get to the finals. Critchlow has defeated Angel in two close matches.
189 - Joe Isley will face some tought competition in Johnny Martinez of Othello, James Peter of Wapato and possibly even teamate Josh Grier, unless Grier wrestles at 171. If all goes well with Isley, he should be wrestling for the championship saturday night. Grier should be able to move on to district at either 171 or 189. Josh has show great improvement since last year and has been wrestling with confidence in recent matches.
215 - Bobby Canales will have his hands full with Jason Greene of Grandview, Nathan Zuniga of Toppenish and Doug Dearborn of Connell. In order to beat these guys, Bobby will have to come out aggresively and take the fight to them. Bobby is in a good position to make a serious run for state, but must do well in the early tournaments to better his chances. Cody Roos could surprise some people and should do well at sub-districts.
275 - Zach Lefevre is one of the quickest heavyweights in the conference and that should help him throught the post-season. He will have to rise up and beat some top competition in order to get to state. Zach is very aggressive and must continue to be so. Now is not the time to be conservative.
Best bets to advance to the District Tournament in Wapato
103 - Sergio Avila
125 - Ale DeLaPena
135 - Josh Corke
140 - Jesse DeLaPena
160 - Josh Corriel
171 - Angel Mejia
171/189 - Josh Grier
189 - Joey Isley
215 - Bobby Canales
275 - Zach Lefevre