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Mat Classic XII Preview


Seniors Mike Magnusson and Brad Zabreznik are the top condidates to make the finals at 103. Magnusson might have the edge because he is still hungry for his first title while Zabreznik might have let up after winning last year. Don't count on it. Sergio Avila and Jon Limbeck might each get a shot at Magnusson first.

Returning Placers
Brad Zabreznik, Tonasket - 1st
Mike Magnusson, Blaine - 3rd
Jon Limbeck, Cashmere - 3rd
Sergio Avila, Ki-Be - 7th


Their are a number of good candidates for the finals here including: Jordan Bradbury, Matt Anderson, Mark Schutte, Ramon Ortiz, Kris Mathews. Bradbury and Ortiz could settle things in the finals. Anderson, Schutte and Mathews will battle in the bottom part of the bracket.

Returning Placers
Kris Mathews, Lakeside - 1st
Jordan Bradbury, Montesano - 2nd
Ramon Ortiz, Connnell - 3rd
Mark Schutte, Othello - 5th
Matt Anderson, Eatonville - 6th
Jason Giles, Othello - 8th


Who is going to step up and give Martin Mitchell a good challenge? Could it be Chris Branch of Omak in the first round. Possibly Nathan Skuza of Elma in the second round. Keith Graham of Ridgefield could give him a good challenge in the final if Graham makes it that far. Don't forget Raul Zambrano of Wapato. He has wrestled well in big situations this year.

Returning Placers
Martin Mitchell, Tonasket - 1st
Nathan Skuza, Elma - 2nd
Keith Graham, Ridgefield - 3rd
Aaron Rozeboom, Mt.Baker - 4th
Bill Payne, Castle Rock - 6th
Justin Belyea, Lakeside - 7th


Two time state champs could meet in the finals. Kenny Marsh of Steilacoom won at 108 and 115 the last two years while Ale DeLaPena was winning at 115 and 122. DeLaPena's biggest obstacle could be Aaron Gomez of Medical Lake. Marsh will probably have to get by Troy Stephens in the semi's and could get an early challenge from Seth Weatherman.

Returning Placers
Ale DeLaPena, Ki-Be - 1st
Kenny Marsh, Steilacoom - 1st
Seth Weatherman, Chewelah - 4th
Troy Stephens, Quincy - 5th


Brian Smith of Mt.Baker placed 4th in 1999 and will be a strong candidate for the finals this year. Antonio Avalos continues to surprise and could do very well, Finals??? Bobby Weaver and Ben Hargrove will be standing in his way. Smith's strongest competition will probably come from Camilo Mendez.

Returning Placers
Ben Hargrove, Cashmere - 3rd
Brian Smith, Mt.Baker - 4th
Camilo Mendez, Connell - 4th
Bobby Weaver, Eatonville - 6th
Jeremai Hafer, Othello - 7th
Juan Rodriguez, Quincy - 8th


135 is wide open as Wade Brzozowski is the only returning placer from last year. Danny Villarreal, Josh Thompson and Jared Redinger along with Brzozowski, will battle for a spot in the finals. Time for a newcomer to step up and be noticed!

Returning Placers
Wade Brzozowski, Nooksack - 6th


Scott Penney of Orting and Eli Super of Tonasket are the most likely to make the finals. Gilbert Escobedo will have a chance at Penney first. You can't overlook a Lakeside wrestler, Austin Laughery could upset Super. Luke Larson of Forks could give Super a good match. Kyle Hutchinson may get a chance to wrestle Penney in the second round.

Returning Placers
Eli Super, Tonasket - 3rd
Scott Penney, Orting - 5th
Luke Larson, Forks - 8th


Andy Logozzo pinned 1A/B state champ Andy Newton at regionals and will now take his chances with the best in the state. His first real challenge could come in the semi's against John Dudley of Stevenson, unless Jesse DeLaPena knocks him off in the first round. Newton and Andrew Rozeboom could decide who will be the other finalist if they meet in the second round.

Returning Placers
Andy Newton, Chelan - 1st
John Dudley, Stevenson - 3rd
Andrew Rozeboom, Mt.Baker - 5th
David Barber, Orting - 6th


Tony Call and Claudio Garza may get have some company at state. Steve Burden of Blaine is undefeated this year after placing 7th last year. Garza may get first shot at him in the semi's.

Returning Placers
Tony Call, Tonasket - 3rd
Claudio Garza, East Valley - 4th
Steve Burden, Blaine - 7th
Justin Larsson, Hoquiam - 8th
Josh Cruger, Medical Lake - 8th


Adam Bacon and Mike Edmonds are the only returning placers at 160. Mike Yedinak and Chad Tuck could make their presence felt as they along with Justin Compton of Mt.Baker the only other state veterans among the 16 wrestlers. Edmonds and Bacon meet in the first round, meaning Tuck and Yedinak would not meet state veterans until the semis, as long as they don't lose.

Returning Placers
Adam Bacon, Chelan - 3rd
Mke Edmonds, Lakewood - 6th


Stuart Fox finished 2nd last year and will be looking to better that position by one this year. Lance Reichert will have some good wrestlers to deal with before the finals. Guys like Tristan Manning and Andrew Hansen and Fox's teamate Mikhail Abdul-Latif. Bates and Meixner will make some noise as well.

Returning Placers
Stuart Fox, Vashon Island - 2nd
John Meixner, Nooksack - 5th
Josh Bates, Ephrata - 6th
Andrew Hansen, Ridgefield - 8th


Look for Ryan Mattingly, Nathan Price and Joey Isley to make the semis.Johnny Martinez, James Cain and Spencer Murphy are the only other state veterans in the weightclass. Cain and Murphy meet in the first round as do Isley and Martinez. Andy Denson, Mattingly and Price will battle in the lower bracket.

Returning Placers
Spencer Murphy, Riverside - 5th
Ryan Mattingly, Vashon Island - 8th


Nathan Zuniga placed 6th in 1998 and could surprise a few wrestlers. Isaac Parham of Mt.Baker will probably meet Zuniga in the semis. Alex Rudisky and Jonny Varona will be the guys to beat in the lower part of the bracket.

Returning Placers
Jonny Varona, Medical Lake - 1st
Isaac Parham, Mt.Baker - 3rd
Alex Rudisky, Vashon Island - 4th


Chad Charbonneau cut his placing in half last year, going from 4th to 2nd. He would like to do the same thing this year. In his way will be Wilde Owens of Toppenish, Russ Teeter of Quincy and Shaun Straka of Montesano. Mt.Baker has two in the weightclass who could do damage, Klinton Moa and Bryce Hamilton.

Returning Placers
Chad Charboneau, Lakeside - 2nd
Shaun Straka, Montesano - 4th
Russ Teeter, Quincy - 5th