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Here is some Region 1 information that was emailed to me.

First I would like to say that this is probably the best high school web site in the state.I have been coming to you since I found it last year. You have been a great source of information. Second I would like to give you a preview of some of the wrestlers to watch from region 1 which includes Mt Baker, Vashon and Nooksac Valley. I figured you would like to get an idea of what to expect this weekend.

103-Mike Magnusson-Blaine-4th 1998,3rd 1999-has beaten the 3a finalist-undefeated this year-ranked 3rd in greco and freestyle nationally. Look for him in the finals against Zebreznik.Muri-Steilacoom- state placer last year, lost 2-1 in regional final. The question is if that was his real talent or a one time event.

112-Anderson-Eatonville is a threat, but probably gets beat by Schutte.

119-Rozeboom-Mt Baker-4th state 1999-Was pinned in 3rd round with a 12-5 lead in finals. He may get by Skuza but has no chance against Mitchell.I am really looking forward to see how good he is.

125-Marsh-Steilacoom-1st 1998,1st 1999.This should really interest you. We may have a final between multiple state placers if Delapena and Marsh make the finals. Personally I have always felt that he was the least impressive 2 time state champ I have seen. Unlike Delapena who has always had to battle for his championships,Marsh has always gotten a break here and there. The only thing I would worry about is that he does rise to the occasion. I wouldn't be surprised if Stephens knocks him off.

130-Smith-Mt Baker-4th 1999-He wrestled most of the year at 125. His performance will tell a lot about Mt Baker's team standing.If he can make the final, look for Mt Baker to finish on top.

135-Brzozowski-Nooksac Valley-5th 1999-Tough solid wrestler. Look for him against Villarrea in the semis.

140-Penny-Orting-He may be the favorite. He came within a second of making it to the finals last year.

145-Rozeboom-Mt Baker-May be the most improved wrestler on the team. He has pounded through almost everyone this year. A big match will be with Newton in the semis.

152-Burden-Blaine-I don't know if anyone knows about him on the east side,but watch out for him.He had Gilbert from Othello beaten in the quarters last year. Undefeated this year.

160-Compton-Mt Baker-Another important wrestler in the team race. As a 2# last year he was the only wrestler not to place from the region. He could make the final or lose 2 straight.

171-Fox-Vashon-2nd 1999-Look for him in the finals against Richert. Undefeated this year and has pretty much been untouched in the state. Hus toughest match was against his teamate in league final.All five wrestlers from the region are tough. Meixner was 5th last year while Latif has improved all year.

189-Mattingly-Vashon-8th 1999-Probably the person to look at . Was leading his final when he was pinned. This is sort of a depleted weight class. Guglomo from Vashon and Lukes from Mt Baker had injury problems making this a real open class. Isley has a chance to place high in this class.

215-Parham-Mt Baker-3rd 1999,Rudisky-Vashon-4th 1999-Parham is going to make a real run at Marona. He has lost only one match, the final at the tri-state .Big, strong kid. Rudisky broke his wrist at the begining of the year and is still having problems. If healthy, he would give Marona and Parham a match. He is still dangerous, but is not at the level of the other 2. A side note, Vashon and Ephrata are going to be real sick of each other. At 215,189 and 171 they will match up. At 171 I wouldn't be surprised if Fox wrestled both Ephrata wrestlers.

275-Not much here really. The 2 Mt Baker wrestlers are dangerous becouse they are both really 189.  

Teams-I still think this is Mt Baker's tournament to lose. Losing Lukes really hurts them but they still may have too much. If they falter, look for Othello, Ridgefield and Lakeside. Lakeside has snuck up on everyone this year. Ridgefield has some good kids, but losing Chicks at 112 hurts them. Othello may not have enough big guns, but their depth makes them really tough.