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Ki-Be vs. Naches & Goldendale

The Naches Rangers come to town tuesday night, then the Bears travel to Goldendale on thursday.
Naches and Goldendale have been the recipients of some big blowouts this year.  The worst 
blowouts were Connell 77-0 over Naches and 80-0 over Goldendale.  Grandview also handed 
Naches a 60-12 loss and defeated Goldendale 70-12.  The Bears should keep the blowouts going
in both of these duals.  There will be a few interesting matches however.
112 - Barry Leavitt has a chance to add a couple of wins to his record.  Barry should be able
to compete with Troy Johnson of Naches.

119 - Vongalath will be looking for win #2 against Jim Davenport of Naches and he should be able
to secure this one.

125 - Mike Froehlich has wrestled Ale before and that experience may help him keep from getting
pinned.  The bad news for Mike is that Ale leads the team in pins with 12.

130 - Matt Walsh has a chance to win back to back matches if he wrestles as well as he has all year.
Matt has shown some toughness and more movement this year, which will help him against Wilson 
and Throop.

145 - McCullough will have a tough one against Snyder of Naches, but should be better matched for
Schlegel of Goldendale.  Mark has wrestled some of the top wrestlers in the CWAC this year, which
is good experience for next year.

160 - Maybe the biggest matchup of the Naches dual will be between Corriel and Dennis Carlson.
Carlson has vaulted himself into contention with some recent wins against top 160 wrestlers.  Corriel
is coming of a strong showing against Grandview and should be ready for this challenge.  Gruginski
of Goldendale is no slouch either.  Corriel will get the toughest test this week.
Probable Matchups
Weight Ki-Be Naches Goldendale
103 Sergio Avila #4 Jared Faris ---
112 Barry Leavitt Troy Johnson ---
119 David Vongalath Jim Davenport Bryan Caraway #6
125 Ale DeLaPena #1 Chris O'Brine Mike Froehlich #6
130 Matt Walsh Andy Wilson Kody Throop
135 Josh Corke #5 Brandon Wagner Mark Hoctor
140 Jesse DeLaPena #4 Andy Fretwell Brandon Tobin
145 Mark McCullough Joe Snyder #5 Jon Schlegel
152 Kyle Nickerson Andy Stiles #10 James Gruginski/Ashley Turner
160 Josh Corriel #10 Dennis Carlson #7 Steven Gruginski
171 Angel Mejia #6 David Rust ---
189 Joey Isley #3 James Kosco ---
215 Bobby Canales #2 Rory Gangle ---
275 Zach Lefevre #8 Josh Brown ---

Ki-Be should easily defeat both Naches and Goldendale to secure their 10th straight winning season.
The Bears are 2-5 lifetime against Goldendale and 5-5 against Naches.  My prediction for the scores
of these matches is: 56-15 over Naches and 66-12 over Goldendale
The three biggest blowouts in Ki-Be history :
69-6 over White Swan in 1975
69-6 over Wahluke in 1994
67-6 over Riverview in 1991

The biggest defeats in Ki-Be history :
Connell 73-6 in 1981
Royal City 62-3 in 1986
Riverview 61-3 in 1983
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