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Ki-Be vs Othello

Thanks for joining us tonight, and thanks to Alex DeLaPena for phoneing the results during the match. Results for the Ki-Be tournament will be up late Saturday night.

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  Kiona-Benton Bears     Othello Huskies
  28     41
103 Sergio Avila WBD 17-6   Clouse
112 Barry Leavitt   WBF (1st rd) Mark Schutte
119 David Vongalath   WBF 0:14 Rudy Garza
125 Ale DeLaPena WBF 2:43   Casey McCourtie
130 Josh Corke WBD 9-5   Seth Sligar
135 Ramon DelAngel   WBD 20-10 Jeremai Hafer
140 Matt Walsh   WBD 14-5 Danny Villareal
145 Jesse DeLaPena WBF 4:30   Tim Valdez
152 Mark McCullough   WBF 2:40 Ben Jensen
160 Josh Corriel   WBD 7-4 Matt Risenmay
171 Angel Mejia WBF 4:52   Josh Moreno
189 Joey Isley   WBF 2:53 Lance Reichert
215 Bobby Canales WBD 9-4   Johnny Martinez
275 Zach Lefevre   WBF (1st rd) Saul Olascon

119 - Rudy Garza of Othello made it a quick pin on David Vongalath
in 14 seconds.  Garza pinned Vongalath with a head and arm.
125 - Ale collected his 73rd straight win with a pin at 3:17 of the 
second round over Casey McCourtie.  Ale got the first takedown and took
McCourtie to his back for a 5-0 lead.  Ale continued his domination with a
pancake in the second and finished off McCourtie with a half nelson.
130 - Josh Corke remained undefeated in his freshman season with a tough
fought 9-5 win over Seth Sligar.  Corke got the early lead on a missed  
double leg by Sligar. Sligar came back to take a 5-3 lead at the end of  
the second.  After a questionable stall warning on Corke, Josh took over 
the match with a takedown and back points to pull away for the 9-5 win.

135 - Ramon got the early lead against Jeremai Hafer.  Plenty of scoring
took place in the first as Ramon held a 7-4 lead.  Hafer showed why he went
to state last year as he threw a barrage of takedowns at Ramon to come
from behind for a 20-10 win.

140 - Matt Walsh kept it close for three rounds and trailed only 6-4 in 
the third before Villareal escaped and got the takedown and finished off
the match with a 3point nearfall.

145 - Jesse and Tim Valdez had a close match. Jesse started things with
a duck under takedown, valdez got a reverse.  Jesse worked hard and got
a reverse at the end of the first for a 4-3 lead.  Valdez took the lead 
with a double leg in the 2nd and lead 5-4 going into the third.  Jesse's
road work paid off as he quickly got the reverse in the third and pinned 
Valdez with a nearside cradle.

152 - Ben Jensen pinned Mark McCullough in the 2nd with a torque half.

160 - Josh Corriel wrestled tough against Risenmay.  Risenmay wrestled to a
7-4 lead after 2 rounds and rode out the third for the win.

171 - Angel Mejia picked up a much needed pin of Josh Moreno.
Angel gave up a quick takedown in the third and but came back with a 
takedown and fall at 4:52.

189 - Lance Reichert used a mean leg ride to control Joey.  Isley had an
early takedown but Reichert came back using a leg ride to get back points
on Joey.  In the 2nd Reichert used a duck under takedown and took Joey to 
his back for the pin at 2:53.

215 - Bobby Canales came up big against Johnny Martinez with a hard fought
9-4 win.  Bobby led 4-2 going into the third where he used an escape and 2
duck under takedowns to defeat Martinez 9-4.

275 - Saul Olascon got a quick pin on Zach Lefevre in the first to give
Othello a commanding 35-24 lead.

103 - Sergio showed why he is going to be the wrestler to beat at 103
with a commanding 17-6 win over Clouse. 

112 - After wrestling the 3rd place state finisher Ortiz of Connell, Barry
Leavitt wrestled the 4th place finisher in Mark Schutte.  Schutte took little
time in pinning Leavitt in the first round.

JV Results
Othello 28, Ki-Be 6
152 Stephen Shelestovky LBF 3:37 to Vito Cantu
125 Andrew White LBD 17-3 to Nathan Gilbert
130 Devin Leavitt LBD 8-6 to Brandon Little
140 Paul Schlotman WBF 4:50 over Santos Perez
160 Kyle Nickerson LBF 0:20 to Ben Mohs
215 Cody Roos LBD 7-1 to Shane Gropp
152 Sean McCullough LBF 0:42 to Vito Cantu

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