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CWAC Regionals Preview

Sorry this preview is so late. I have been waiting for the North results and finally got them yesterday, thanks to Hallie Tuck.



Avila and Limbeck will most likely meet in the semi's for a shootout. Zabreznik should breeze through his competition to the finals. Sergio is a prime time wrestler, but Zabreznik is a state champion. Limbeck finished third at state last year. I will pick Sergio, but of course I am biased. These three should finish in the top 5 at state.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Sergio Avila, KB 4
2nd Brad Zabreznik, TO 2
3rd Jon Limbeck, CM 3
4th Matt Clouse, OT 6
5th Melchor Imperial, WP 5


Ortiz and Schutte have met in their last two district championships and in last years regionals. Ortiz has won them all. Schutte usually starts out strong, but Ortiz always comes up with big points in their matches to win. Jesus Sandoval will need to get by Schutte to meet Ortiz in the finals. Don't count out Adam Logozzo and Richie Herrera.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Ramon Ortiz, CN 1
2nd Mark Schutte, OT 2
3rd Jason Giles, OT 5
4th Jesus Sandoval, CS 7
5th Matt Dillin, EP 8


Another title for Martin Mitchell. The only question is will he get three pins or not. Rudy Garza will probably give him a good match in the finals, but Mitchell is rolling towards his third state title.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Martin Mitchell, TO 1
2nd Rudy Garza, OT 2
3rd Raul Zambrano, WP 5
4th Jeremy Hauck, CM 3
5th Bryan Carraway, GD 6


Ale DeLaPena should make quick work of his foes, while Stephens will get a good fight from Mendez. A championship match with Stephens would be a good warmup for Ale as he goes for state title number three. Actually, Stephens and Ale may be the State title matchup.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Ale DeLaPena, KB 1
2nd Troy Stephens, QU 2
3rd Patrick Mitchell, TO 8
4th Julien Mendez, CN 5
5th Mike Froehlich, GD 7


Anyone of 5 wrestlers could rise to the occasion and win the regional title. All five have the possibility of finishing in the to 8 at state. Those five are Avalos, Mendez, Rodriguez, Hargrove and Hafer. Avalos and Rodriguez pulled off the upsets last weekend, but this weekend could be a different story. McGuffin and Herrera could be two of the best wrestlers in the state that will not be going to the state tournament.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Camilo Mendezm, CN 2
2nd Antonio Avalos, GV 6
3rd Jeremai Hafer, OT 5
4th Ben Hargrove, CM 1
5th Juan Rodriguez, QU 4


Josh Thompson got a scare from Villarreal at districts and the same type of match should be expected between the two at regionals. Ben Dronen will continue to roll on to state. I just know that Josh Corke can pull of an upset or two, but again I am biased.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Josh Thompson, EV 1
2nd Danny Villarreal, OT 2
3rd Ben Dronen, CM NR
4th Russ Chipman, CM 4 (125)
5th Josh Corke, KB 5


I think Eli Super will put it all together at regionals and get back on top of this weightclass. He will meet Hutchinson in the semis. Escobedo should have an easier route to the finals, but a stiff challenge will come from Jensen.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Eli Super, TO 1
2nd Gilbert Escobedo, CS 4
3rd Kyle Hutchinson, GV 2
4th Ben Jensen, OT 5
5th Travis Wienke, OM 7


Newton vs. Logozzo will be a nice matchup for the finals. This will be the guy for Logozzo to beat if he has aspirations for a state title this year. Jesse DeLaPena saves his best for regionals and Adam Davis is going to pull off an upset somewhere along the line.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Andy Newton, CH 1
2nd Andy Logozzo, GV 2
3rd Jesse DeLaPena, KB 3
4th Johnny Burns, CM 7
5th Adam Davis, EP 6


Call and Garza will be a barnburner. Call finished 3rd at state last year and Claudio Garza finished fourth. Both will be looking to get to the finals at state. They will be looking to put the hurt on each other in the regional finals. With the year he has had, Brady Gariano is destined to make it to state.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Tony Call, TO 1
2nd Claudio Garza, EV 2
3rd Chris Garza, WP 5
4th John Roehling, EP 6
5th Brady Gariano, OM 9



Tuck, Yedinak and Bacon will be top contenders at the state meet. Tuck should come out on top at regionals. James and Risenmay are good enough to upset one of the top three.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Chad Tuck, CN 1
2nd Mike Yedinak, EP 2
3rd Adam Bacon, CH 3
4th Kanim James, WP 5
5th Matt Risenmay, OT 4



Reichert looks ready to win it all. Brewer and Bates have the best wrestling partners in the state, each other. Mejia will beat Critchlow this time.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Lance Reichert, OT 1
2nd Josh Brewer, EP 3
3rd Josh Bates, EP 4
4th Angel Mejia, KB 6
5th Tyler Critchlow, EV 5


Isley will not get a big head because of the Tri-City herald article this week. Isley looked better than he has ever looked last week at district. It will again be Isley time at regionals. Price and Cain will try to end Isley time.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Joey Isley, KB 2
2nd Nathan Price, EP 6
3rd James Cain, CM 1
4th Greg Curnutt, QU 3
5th Johnny Martinez, OT 4


Nathan Zuniga, Jason Greene and Bobby Canales are about even. Gomez and Allen are top notch wrestlers as well. Any of the five could make it to the finals. Most likely Zuniga and Greene.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Nathan Zuniga, TP 1
2nd Jason Greene, GV 2
3rd Bobby Canales, KB 3
4th John Gomez, CS 2 (275)
5th Sam Allen, EP 5


Owens and Teeter will definitely meet inb the finals. Who will win? I don't know. I will go with Teeter. Can Michael Zuniga continue his wrestling turnaround and make it to state. I am going with the surprise of the tournament and picking Zuniga to finish 5th.
  State Bound ? CWAC Rank
1st Wilde Owens, TP 5
2nd Russ Teeter, QU 1
3rd Justin Allen, OM 6
4th Mike Guerrero, EP 4
5th Michael Zuniga, TP NR